About Secuvie

About Secuvie

Secuvie is a Swedish company developing and marketing products based on the patented CHD-FA and natural ingredients for skin care (cosmetic skin conditions), and medical device products for a range of skin conditions.

Secuvie has the following product ranges

100% Natural Skin Care especially formulated for "Sensitive and reddish skin, dry skin, pigmentation spots, dry spots, sun tanned skin, and elasticity".

Medical device products; Secuvie recently launched its new eczema cream "RECZEMA" and have in pipeline products for "Rosacea, and Acne".

Secuvie produces its products in Sweden and uses only registered natural ingredients of highest quality. All products contain the unique active substance CHD-FA (Carbo Hydrate Derived Fulvic Acid)*, a plant acid with very good properties for taking care of skin, and is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. * CHD-FA (Carbo Hydrate Derived Fulvic Acid), is under license from Fulhold Ltd.